Data Integrity Validation

Data Integrity & Security

Azzur understands the criticality of governing data integrity and securing records from accidental or intentional obfuscation or destruction - not simply because it is a regulatory requirement.  Data integrity governance is integral to maintaining a robust company culture of accountability, supported by increased focus on risk mitigation, business continuity, and sustainability. 


 As a team of qualified cGMP consultants, we have the expertise, tools, and execution experience to provide pragmatic, appropriately-scaled solutions for HLS businesses, whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, or research organization. 

Our IT advisory services include DI-focused domain expertise and talent, including:
  • DI Governance & Strategy Consulting
  • Contract Leadership/SME
  • Training - Online & Instructor-led options
  • DI Assessments & Mock-Audits
  • DI Program Design & Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Technical Writing (Policy, SOP, Work Instructions)
  • Systems Integration
  • Infrastructure, Systems, and Supply Chain Security
  • Computerized Systems Validation Support
  • Ongoing DI Program Support and Maintenance Services
  • Holistic (end-to-end) Solutions