Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping is intrinsic to quality manufacturing within the life science industry. With deep knowledge of and experience in the latest regulatory guidance for temperature, humidity, and CO2 monitoring, Azzur Technical Services specializes in mapping and qualification studies. Azzur Technical Services’ mapping capabilities include short-term, in-house mapping of controlled temperature units (CTUs) to sterilization.

Our lifecycle approach to temperature mapping is what sets Azzur apart. Understanding how to properly set configuration parameters such as defrost interval, differential, cut value, and determining the optimal setpoint and independent remote monitoring strategy are critical to ensuring the CTU remains within the specified range. As partners in the process, Azzur Technical Services works hand-in-hand with the client to identify the most effective methodology for mapping, and delivery timely, accurate results. After the data is reported and evaluated, we work further with the client to ensure that the data is properly recorded and stored according to industry standards.

Azzur’s temperature mapping compatibilities include:

  • Controlled Temperature Units (any size)
    • Refrigerators
    • Freezers
    • Stability Chambers
    • Incubators
    • Warehouses
  • Sterilization
    • Moist-Heat
      • Autoclave
      • Sterilization-in-Place (SIP)
    • Dry-Heat
  • Lyophilization
  • Transportation
    • Shipping Containers
    • Temperature-Controlled Trailers/Trucks