At Azzur Group, we partner with manufacturers at various phases of maintenance. While some  partners execute Preventative Maintenance with the expectation that new systems and equipment should perform without failure for a period of time, others manage existing equipment where a maintenance program may already be in place but could use some optimization. 

Should equipment be run to failure and repaired as needed (Reactive Maintenance), or should maintenance be performed at regularly scheduled intervals-based OEM recommendations (Proactive Maintenance)?  

This seems to be one of the most common questions our clients face. The reality is that an effective maintenance program should consider both modes of maintenance since either may be appropriate. To ensure appropriate maintenance strategies for our clients throughout the system life cycle, Azzur’s Technical Services offers the following services:
  • Establishing a maintenance program
  • Identifying maintenance requirements for systems and equipment, including maintenance work plan templates
  • Developing a spare parts inventory strategy that considers criticality, failure-type, and the time between failures
  • Implementation of the above using a CMMS
  • Partnering with OEMs to source critical spare parts or other proprietary services


Program Management Selection Flowchart

Flow Chart