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About Azzur Technical Services

Azzur Technical Services, an Azzur Group Company, provides thorough, responsive, quality service to a variety of industries including businesses in Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Manufacturing. We are a team of innovators, visionaries and doers who are passionate about changing the landscape of field service.

Azzur Technical Services is headquartered in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania with field offices throughout the U.S. Our nationwide team of elite professionals is trained to handle all your instrument service needs within every phase of the project life cycle.

“The integrity of Azzur Technical Services is built on the partnerships we create with our customers," Kym Faylor, Director of Azzur Technical Services. “Our partnerships are created by leveraging our ability to truly discover our customer's needs and then deliver high quality solutions that meet the customers schedule and budget."

Selecting a quality service organization is important to a successful operation.

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With endless dedication to continuous improvement, Azzur Technical Services strives to provide a service experience like no other. We focus on providing our clients with the service they deserve while fulfilling the stringent requirements of the Food and Drug Administration. We specialize in certifying clean rooms, calibrating instruments and maintaining equipment used in the production of drugs and research data in hospitals, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Azzur Technical Servicess always provides all as found and as left data for no extra charge. We supply Tri Dim Filter Products.

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