Transferring critical manufacturing processes over 1,000 miles for a global medical device company

How engaging a single-source consulting solution for manufacturing process transfer enhanced efficiency & improved capabilities

Ensuring GMP in the wake of a multi-phase manufacturing process transfer can prove a daunting task for even the most successful and longest-running medical device manufacturers.

In early 2017, with an amalgam of challenges facing them, a global medical device leader turned to Azzur Group for a critical process transfer from their U.S. plant to a new facility.

Learn how Azzur jumped in alongside the manufacturer to manage and execute all aspects of the project, including hands-on design, procurement, validation, and training.

The Rundown

The Challenge

Manufacturing process transfer from U.S. plant to a new facility more than 1,000 miles away

The Team

Azzur Los Angeles

The Solution

Single-source project management & execution of all engineering aspects of the manufacturing transfer

The Impact

Successful transfer of medical device manufacturing processes through project management & hands-on design, procurement, validation, & training — all from a single consulting source
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