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Computer Systems Validation

Sarbanes-Oxley Services

Quality & Compliance


Azzur Consulting provides a risk based process for implementing an appropriate IT infrastructure (GAMP/ITIL) for supporting GXP compliant systems or replicated SOP thereby reducing overall costs.
  • Qualify & Standardize Hardware/Software Configurations
  • Improve Performance
  • Implement effective SOP / Controls
  • Key Function Performance
  • Validate Security
  • Data Integrity
  • Reduce IQ Testing & Validation Cost

Network Quality Services

Network qualification is a solution for implementing effective procedures and controls while cataloging and verifying engineering documentation. Our network qualification service validates security and ensures that your business remains compliant to all applicable federal regulations.

Azzur Consulting understands that keeping a company compliant can get in the way of daily operations and can often imply overly restrictive procedures. Azzur Consulting applies a common sense approach using risk analysis to determine where detailed procedures are needed, and where they are not. The IT environment is dynamic; and traditional qualification and validation practices are not easily applied.

Our team strategically configures hardware and software to be procedurally replicated within our client network’s infrastructure and positively impact systems that require computer system validation. The resulting IQ testing of procedurally replicated network components, based on qualified configurations, can then be reduced.

We can provide solutions with all aspects of the Network Qualification process including:
  • Project/Test Planning
  • Specification & Design
  • Implementation/Configuration
  • Risk Assessment & Test Planning
  • Qualification Protocol Development
  • Maintenance
  • Decommissioning