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Don't know where to start? We do. With you.

Your business is in constant motion and growing with tremendous pressure to achieve more with less, while your technology investments struggle to keep up. You know what got you here, but you may not know what will get you “there.” Where to start? People? Process? Technology? Communication? Documentation?
We’ve collectively logged thousands of hours listening to customers across the life sciences spectrum, working to gauge the situation, understand the core issues, illuminate the risks if problems go unsolved, and enable solutions that empower the business, and—most importantly—the people running it.

The strategists working within Azzur Group decided we could make a greater impact on our customers by channeling our experience into a new offering of technology advisory services. Most of our customers considering new technology have projects go sideways or they are just feeling overwhelmed. Our “Professional Outsiders” partner with our clients to help them choose the best solution for their particular need and implement it successfully, while delivering compliance from day one.
Customers Demand

Customers Demand

  • Easy to use tools
  • Easy to follow processes
  • Subject Matter Expert availability
  • Technical Flexibility
  • Seamless coordinated tech
  • Holistic views of compliance
To Overcome Barriers

To Overcome Barriers

  • Immature Tools and Complexity
  • Sideways Implementations
  • Heavy reliance on heroics
  • Square Peg Round Hole Tech
  • Isolated Pockets of Compliance
Experience and Expertise

Experience and Expertise

  • On proven platforms
  • Aligned to risk profiles
  • Leveraging other’s experience
  • Innovations addressing problems
  • Multidisciplinary collaborations

Infused by best practices learned from every corner of our company and the major advances in technology, our team of cGMP-qualified consultants address common questions with services tuned to your situation. 

Our IT Compliance services include

"My experience in working with IT Advisory Services was extremely rewarding. The Azzur team came in and provided an assessment, a gap analysis, and a comprehensive roadmap. They worked efficiently and consistently delivered what was promised. I found them to be professional, insightful, reliable, and informative. Not only did I get what I needed from the project but I learned a lot about industry trends as well as information systems planning. I would highly recommend IT Advisory Services from Azzur Group." – Ann Farnsworth, Executive Director, Quality Assurance, Corbus Pharmaceuticals
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin  Director

Earlier this year, it was estimated more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day at our current pace, but that pace is only accelerating.

In fact, IBM estimated in 2016 that the annual cost of dirty data in the United States was $3.1 trillion. That's trillion. With a "t". 

To put this figure into perspective (sort of), the average annual salary of a data analyst in the U.S. is just more than $57,000. At $57K/year, a data analyst would have to work 52.6 million years to earn $3 trillion. 

Read more on Navigating the Chasm between Reactive and Proactive Data Management.

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