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Comprehensive Critical Systems Solutions

Because your machinery doesn’t run itself

Managing and maintaining facilities requires increasingly complex and demanding activities. Facility managers are pressured to simultaneously reduce costs, uphold more stringent regulatory and safety requirements, and meet production goals. 

At the same time, it’s important to understand that GxP organizations are created by innovators, operated and maintained by personnel, and comprised of critical facilities, utilities, systems, and equipment (FUSE). 

It’s imperative to consider a holistic and comprehensive approach—the systems, people, and processes. Integration of all these elements must be performed with the utmost efficiency to maintain an optimal state, reduce compliance issues, and enhance your bottom line. 


That’s where Azzur Group steps in. 

Our nationwide network of qualified GxP consultants and maintenance engineers perform a capabilities analysis which is used to develop a unique, customized reliability and maintenance service program tailored to your organization. 

In doing so, we work with your team to optimize critical FUSE performance, provide comprehensive personnel training, and enable leaders to deploy industry best practices rooted in hands-on experience. Our flexible working arrangements allow us to be onsite with your team when you need us the most. 

As experts with more than 50 years of hands-on maintenance experience, we’ve walked the walk. Therefore, we know how to coach at each and every personnel level, from novice to manager, and we won’t walk away until we’ve validated your team’s comprehension and improvement. 


Assist and Guide Your Personnel

Your personnel require support during start-up activities and ongoing maintenance troubleshooting, repairs, and corrective and preventative maintenance.

Improve Your Processes

Evaluate your existing conditions and develop a plan to improve the performance and longevity of your critical systems.

Enhance Your Bottom Line

Your overall costs are reduced through analysis of existing processes and recurring issues.


Our services include:

  • Facilities and critical utilities maintenance consulting
    • Water for injection generation, storage, and distribution
    • Reverse osmosis generation, storage, and distribution
    • City water pre-treatment systems
    • Clean steam generators and distribution
    • Chilled water systems
    • Cooling towers HVAC HEPA filter testing and certification
    • Oil-free compressed air
    • Sitewide GFCI testing
  • cGMP and GxP sustained compliance (SOPs, PMs, training, and change control)
  • ISO-5 sterile filling suites
  • Organization development, team building, and technical training
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