Livin’ the Good

Life Science

Live science lives in the fast lane, driven by innovation and compliance needs. But, you'd be surprised—despite the flow of our industry, we know how to take time, slow down, and have fun. We’re always excited to celebrate — birthdays, employee milestones, team accomplishments, and the small days that just make us smile. (Donut Day, anyone?)

We are humbled and fortunate to work side by side with those who’ve served our country. We ensure our veterans have the resources and the support they need to succeed in their life science career.
Shelley Preslar, General Manager, Azzur Raleigh
Proud Veteran, U.S. Army & U.S. Marine Corps
Be Your Authentic Self.
Azzur doesn’t shy away from differences — quite the opposite actually! Like many successful companies, we understand that diversity creates a greater opportunity for growth and innovation. Each Azzurian comes to work with a different background and experiences that allow us to serve our clients better together.
Azzur Focused
We're Hardcore Committed In all the work that we do, and no matter who you talk to at Azzur Group, we’ll all tell you the same thing - we stick to our core values! Together, we’re elevating life science - do you want in?
Put others first
Have courage to take action
Take personal responsibility
Have fun